8th International Workshop on Value Modeling and Business Ontology (VMBO 2014): with a special track on the Pragmatic Web

Berlin, Germany, March 3-4, 2014 - Website: http://www.csw.inf.fu-berlin.de/vmbo2014/

The importance of modeling the essence of enterprises on a level that abstracts from operational details is increasingly recognized. Business ontology provides abstract descriptions of enterprises in their business context, focusing on what is needed to create and transfer value. Value modeling is a business modeling approach that focuses on the value objects exchanged in business networks. Business ontology and value modeling research is conducted using instruments such as Business Model Generation, the REA (Resources, Events, Agents) ontology, Enterprise Ontology and the e3-value tool set.

The goal of VMBO is to bring together researchers with an interest in value modeling and business ontology in order to present and discuss the current state of enterprise or business modeling and to identify key areas for further research. This year, VMBO will include a Pragmatic Web track. Under the Pragmatic Web (http://www.pragmaticweb.info ) label we subsume both the pragmatics of ontologies (e.g. ontology development in communities) and the ontology of pragmatics (e.g. semantics of communicative action and context). Pragmatic web technologies include e.g., rule-based systems and tools for knowledge management and for social web analysis.

Proceedings and Program

Download: http://www.csw.inf.fu-berlin.de/vmbo2014/submissions.zip

Program Committee

Hans Weigand (chair) Paul Johannesson (chair)
Adrian Paschke (chair) Jan Dietz
Pavel Hruby Nicola Guarino
Christian Huemer Bill McCarthy
Geert Poels Erik Proper
Aldo de Moor Pieter de Leenheer
Graham Gal

Workshop co-chairs – Local organization

Adrian Paschke (FU Berlin)
Zhili Zhao (FU Berlin)