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A. Paschke, Rules, Events and Actions in Semantic Complex Event Processing. 2014.
Keynote at the 8th International Web Rule Symposium (RuleML 2014), Prague, Czech Republic, August 18-20, 2014
A. Paschke, Semantic Complex Event Processing. 2015.
Keynote at RDF Stream Processing Workshop at 12h Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC 2015), Portoroz, Solvenia, 31 May 2015
K. Teymourian and Paschke, A., Semantic Enrichment of Event Streams for Semantic Situation Awareness, in Semantic Web, M. Workman Springer International Publishing, 2015, pp. 185-212.
A. Paschke, Semantically Enabled Business Process Management. 2015.
invited talk at Ontology PSIG, OMG Technical Meeting, Berlin, Germany, 18 June, 2015
L. Morgenstern, Stefaneas, P. S., Lévy, F., Wyner, A., and Paschke, A., Theory, Practice, and Applications of Rules on the Web - 7th International Symposium, RuleML 2013, Seattle, WA, USA, July 11-13, 2013. Proceedings, RuleML, vol. 8035. Springer, 2013.
R. Schäfermeier and Paschke, A., Towards a Unified Approach to Modular Ontology Development Using the Aspect-Oriented Paradigm, in 7th International Workshop on Modular Ontologies (WoMO) 2013, 2013, p. 73.
M. Harasic, Ahrendt, P., Todor, A., and Paschke, A., Towards Time-Aware Semantic Enriched Recommender Systems for Movies, in Joint Proceedings of the 9th International Rule Challenge, the Special Track on Rule-based Recommender Systems for the Web of Data, RuleML2015 Industry Track Doctoral Consortium,, 2015, vol. Vol-1417.
R. Schäfermeier and Paschke, A., Verteilte und agile Ontologieentwicklung, in Corporate Semantic Web, B. Ege, Humm, B., and Reibold, A. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2015, pp. 341-358.
R. Schäfermeier and Paschke, A., Weaving Ontology Aspects Using a Catalog of Structural Ontology Design Patterns, in Proceedings of the 29th International Workshop on Description Logics, Cape Town, South Africa, April 22-25, 2016., Cape Town, South Africa, 2016.